Monday, September 19, 2005

Linux and Commercial Software Vendors... what "Linux People" think

Following is an email received by a commercial software company offering products for (among others) the Linux platform. When considering the factors that are
a)encouraging mainstream software vendors to develop on Windows platform and
b)stalling adoption of Linux products in the general user and smb markets... consider the following:

"Why is it that you believe that someone who wants to try your software wants to fill out your detailed form? If I try your software, I don't need you to call me, send me any email, or write me any letters.

Contrary to what you believe, you are not doing anyone a favor by allowing them the unspeakable honor of testing your product. In fact, it's quite the opposite. We do a great service by downloading your software, taking the huge risk of having it destroy our systems, undergo the hassle of installing it, with the strong possibility that it's garbage.

Even after purchasing the software, why does someone need to 'register' it? You can't legally withhold tech support to someone who can, at that time prove that they did in fact purchase it and when, if you offer it as part of the sale. You can't even write that into an agreement because it's against the law. You may say it's so that you can alert us of upgrades, or bug fixes, or security problems. Right. You a bit close to Redmond?

Also consider that you're marketing to Linux people. We all pitch in to provide quality (mostly) free software for each other. Here you come, using your free software that others provided, and selling yours. Do you believe that we cannot write accounting software, just because no one has a decent free package yet?

My name is xxx xxxxxxx. I own xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx. But I'll remain anonymous. For now."


Anonymous said...

I am a linux user , I run Fedora core 4 on an HPzv5346us laptop, and as a linux user I can say that the author of that email does not speak for me......or is it then that because i do not make a donkey's behind of myself I am not a "Linux People" ?

Anonymous said...

Of course, chances are that you'll meet somebody with a strong opinion among Linux users. Otherwise there wouldn't be a Linux platform.

However, their voice will fade the more people use Linux. For a business decision, they don't matter anyway.

No need to take such mails seriously or as a proper sample of Linux users in general.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, those strange Linux People. Why we all know that regular people enjoy filling out forms, like getting junk mail (whether electronic or otherwise), and want every company they deal with to compile as much information on themselves as possible so that they can be profiled and targeted with specific marketing material whenever a company feels they've a product that the real person, or their family, might be interested in.

Do you suppose that 'Linux People' are less complacent because they know they actually have a choice as to whether they wish to subject themselves to this? Perhaps companies should wise up and listen to what people really want.