Monday, May 15, 2006

Who are the e-Accountants?

Today's professional services organization understands that technology is required in order to do business. However, many of these organizations still view technology as an expense, a costly tool, rather than a valuable source of innovation and revenue. But there are many who know otherwise. These are the e- Accountants.

e-Accountants use technology to their advantage and to the advantage of their clients. e-Accountants implement technology in areas of the business where the right systems, hardened processes, can have a dramatic positive impact. e-Accountants Increase profitability of core business engagements by reducing the costs of providing services. They increase client service capability to improve client communication and retention. And they increase brand and image visibility, and actively look towards diversification - moving into new or niche service areas, creating differentiation, establishing "domain expertise" and alleviating competitive concerns.