Friday, July 24, 2009

The working model for demanding clients is On Demand

From Wikipedia: "On-Demand refers to a service or feature which addresses the user's need for instant gratification and immediacy of use. In most cases the value proposition for an on-demand service is wrapped up in the fact that the user or consumer of the service avoids a significant up-front financial investment and instead participates in a "pay as you go" plan - a model which makes on-demand services frequently more affordable for users.

Today's technology solutions allow you to have this type of flexibility and "instant gratification", while delivering the reliability, security and performance your business and your clients' businesses demand. By using technology to improve how you, your team members, and your clients work together, you can introduce new efficiencies into your existing business model. By using technology to your strategic advantage, you can change the way you do business and build new and more value into your services.

If you haven't yet involved your practice with online and Internet-based application services, you should move now to find out how they can streamline your existing processes, or even transform your practice into a firm which is ready to offer the type of "on demand" services and solutions business owners are looking for. The market has created the demand. Will you be ready to meet it?